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Developer(s): Ludeon Studios
Publisher(s): Ludeon Studios
Key People: Tynan Sylvester
Release Date(s): WW: November 04, 2013 (Alpha)
WW: July 15, 2016 (Early Access)
Twitter: Yes


RimWorld is a video game in the construction and management simulation genre. It was made available in an alpha state for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows on November 4th, 2013. On July 15, 2016, the game was released on Steam early access. As a Steam early access game it remains in development by Ludeon Studios as of 7 November, 2016.

Sexist Game Mechanic

In an article published on the Rock, Paper, Shotgun website, the developer was accused of implementing deliberately sexist game-play mechanics.[1] The assertion by Claudia Lo is that the game was deliberately designed to ignore the stress women face from being wooed. As males are more likely to do the wooing, and the negative debuffs for the characters only effect the wooer. It is, for this reason, perceived as a deliberate slight.

Tynan Sylvester, a key member of the development team, responded in the comment section of the article in opposition to the claims made by Lo. He include copies of correspondence with fans of the game, including researchers, and also his correspondence with Lo herself. Sylvester claims that he refused to interview with Rock, Paper, Shotgun out of a belief that his comments could be taken out of context. Editor-in-Chief Graham Smith confirmed that the publication prefers to maintain full editorial freedom in its articles, and that there was no offer for a verbatim, unedited, interview.[1]

Simone de Rochefort of Polygon published an article on November 2nd, in support of the Rock, Paper, Shotgun article. [2]

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