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Resetera is a video games forum founded by former members of the NeoGAF forum, after allegations of sexual harassment against the owner of NeoGAF Tyler Malka led to a mass exodus of moderators and users seeking a replacement forum. Before its creation, the community used Discord chat servers to organize itself.

The ResetEra forum is based on the XenForo forum platform. Security has been an important focus of the forum's administrators and developers in anticipation of potential disruptions from GamerGate and alt-right communities.

Within the first week, ResetEra had over 25,000 active members and over 300,000 posts.

Member Etiquette

According to the ResetEra forums, they value inclusivity and seeks to prove a welcome space for those that want to discuss video games and more. They don't tolerate behavior or language that is racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, or maliciously exclusionary regarding identity.

1. Posting Etiquette - Please be Polite: Please be respectful and polite when posting in threads. This includes when addressing other users and when posting about the topic at hand. You can post in a thread without making it personal or insulting other users. Impolite posting, using improper grammar, and spelling is frowned upon here. Consistently low quality posts can lead to a ban. [1]

Use text Options Responsibly - We presently allow posters access to a variety of text options including size, color, and font. Please do not abuse these to make obnoxious or visually distracting replies. Please note that the color red is exclusively reserved for Moderators and Administrators when they are posting in an offical capacity. Misusing the red text will result in a warning.

Role in Gamergate

ResetEra will ban anyone who says ANYTHING POSITIVE about Daniel Vavra, a pro-Gamergate developer who made Kingdom Come: Deliverance, not even saying that he designed a good game.[2]

Some time in February, ResetEra got Subnautica's sound designer fired.[3] By digging through his tweets


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