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Welcome to the #GamerGate Wiki article creation guide.

What is a 'Relevant Article'?

A relevant article, or 'RA' is a new article created for the wiki that meets the following guidelines:

  • Topicality: It involves #GamerGate in some way.
      1. GamerGate is related to any topic involving collusion, corruption, or censorship in the videogames or mainstream media, controversies in the tech industry, videogames industry and social media industries generally, controversies involving journalistic ethics generally, and any other subject where there was or is a significant presence or interest by the #GamerGate Internet community.
  • Opening Summary: The first paragraph should be a brief summation of the article, and why it is relevant to #GamerGate.
  • Citations: The statements in the article should be supported with archive links, screencaps, and other evidence. At a minimum each new article should have at least one citation at the time of creation. Do not directly link outside sources, other than videos, that are not archives. Use A qualified archiving tool for archiving purposes.

The Wikipedia standard is "Verifiability, Not Truth." The standard of this wiki is "Truth, Not Narrative."