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The Redzos incident took place in July 2014. Paraphrased from Bigot Watcher[1]

A 13 year old boy was sexually harassed, bullied and doxed for the following tweet….

A comedian's job is to find where the line is and purposely cross it no matter how far it may be.

The boy who goes by the Twitter user-name “Redzos” was replying to tweets asking whether comedians should be banned from making offensive jokes.

Twitter user @crushingbort “Horton Atonto” began to track down the boys personal information and subsequently posted a photo of the boy with his cat. The leaked photo lead to a barrage of abuse and sexually suggestive comments by people who were now fully aware that it was an under-age child.

The following users sexually propositioned the boy asking him to touch their penis

Twitter user @TrickIX “Trick IX” sent the following threat:

hmm I guess somebody needs to make you fear for your physical safety then

@TrickIX is Patrick Morrisey, 35, of Buffalo, NY, teaching children in South Korea.

Also amongst the attackers was Twitter user “solikebasically” (Kathryn Way, Houston TX, Consumer Media Network)

Kathryn Way’s Twitter friend @erikvoid asked her if she had the boy's home address and threatened to stab him.

Yet another user @dj_mosfett - Gregor Samsa of Irvine CA bullies and makes sexual comments

The actor Jon Cryer came out against people condemning the bullying.[3]


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