Projects:Operation Azure Orbs

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Projects:Operation Azure Orbs
Type: Mailing campaign
Owner: HistoryOfGamerHatred
Status: Discovery

Operation Azure Orbs is a mailing campaign informing direct advertisers of SBNation that their parent company, Vox Media, uses a sibling publication, Polygon, to consistently discredit the 18-25 male demographic. SBNation provides the bulk of Vox Media's revenue, making it a highly prized asset to collateralize for raising capital. Without that capital, Vox cannot acquire the properties to attract acquisition from one of the Big Four (Comcast, Verizon, AT&T, or Charter/Time Warner Cable) If direct advertisers of SBNation can be informed about Vox Media's schizophrenic business model, they might raise concerns about being engaged in something akin to a Gamergate quagmire. This will have knock-on effects with venture capitalists who will most likely demand that Vox re-calibrate their strategy and reorganize Polygon to be more vertical-friendly (I.E., causing corrupt political axe-grinding to be deemed a threat to company valuation).


  • Who are SBNation's direct advertisers?
  • How long until programmatic advertising offsets direct on SBNation?
  • Which of the Big Four has shown the most interest in acquiring Vox Media? (All signs currently point to Comcast [1][2])
  • What has Polygon, The Verge, Vox, and SB Nation published that would cause sports marketers to cringe and question the integrity of Vox Media's strategy?
  • Who can the board of directors tap to counter our efforts?



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