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Use this form to create a project page. It's recommended that you create an account first, especially if you want to claim ownership over this project.

Projects are unofficial group efforts undertaken by GamerGate supporters to further the general goals of GamerGate. Due to the lack of leadership in GamerGate, there are no official projects, and projects only become successful if the community at large agrees with their goals. Although a project can have a definite creator, there's no way to enforce any rules for the project, and as always each individual answers only to themselves.

The pages in this namespace are dedicated to serving as a platform for creating projects, coordinating efforts, and discussing projects. They are documented in this namespace because they are not proper encyclopedic articles, but are rather guides, requests, and other writings that cannot be sourced. Anybody is free to create any project, and the talk page can serve as a method for discussing new ideas for the project.

Projects can have an owner specified to prevent a project page from being taken out of the control of whoever created it. Edits can be made by non owners, but the owner has final say in all edits and can revert any unwanted changes. Some projects have grown exceptionally large, such as Operation Disrespectful Nod, and therefore do not have an owner. These projects are subject to community consensus and probably will not have any major changes approved.

Featured Projects

These projects are featured due to notability, high activity, or community interest.

Operation Disrespectful Nod
Operation Baby Seal
Operation Firefly
Operation SKYNET
Operation Gaben
Operation UV
Operation Kindness
Operation 5 Horsemen
Operation Azure Orbs
Operation Remove the 'Gamergate Controversy' Article
Operation Fruit Basket
Operation Autism Storm

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Vivian with a baby seal.png
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