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Patricia Hernandez
Patricia Hernandez
[[[[File:/images/thumb/7/78/Patricia_hernandez.png/250px-Patricia_hernandez.png|250x250px|Patricia hernandez.png]]]]
Aliases None<br />
Aliases None<br />

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Patricia Hernandez

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Patricia Hernandez

Patricia hernandez.png

Aliases None
Occupation Video game journalists
Affiliations Kotaku

Patricia Hernandez is a writer for Kotaku who is infamous for her consistently low quality clickbait articles, which are usually only tangentially related to video games and are often used as a vehicle to discuss and promote her political beliefs. She is also known to have engaged in corruption, giving favorable and disproportionate coverage to her roommate, Anna Anthropy[1] and her friend, Christine Love[2] without disclosing their relationship in any of the articles she wrote.

Patricia Hernandez appears to have been friends with Zoe Quinn since March 2013, as tweets from that month reveal that they were planning to meet up with each other.[3] Despite this, Patricia gave Zoe positive coverage in two articles from December 2013[4] and May 2014[5] and without initially disclosing her friendship with Zoe in said articles.

Patricia's coverage of the game I Get This Call Every Day also appears to be ethically questionable. Hernandez and David S. Gallant, the game's creator, started tweeting at each other on December 15, 2012;[6] already from their first twitter conversation they appear to have been somewhat friendly with each other.[7] On December 21, 2012 Patricia published a positive article on David S. Gallant and his game without disclosing what appears to have been a friendship between the two.[8] Further twitter conversation from December 2012 also indicate a friendship between Gallant and Hernandez,[9] and yet this was not disclosed in Patricia's second article on Gallant from January 29, 2013.[10]

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