Operation Weaponized Clickbait

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Operation Weaponized Clickbait
Type: e-mail campaign
Status: On-going

Hold the media, Anti-Gamergate, and their allies to the same standard as they hold Gamergate. [1]


Highlight the hypocrisy and bad behavior in clickbait media. Gamergate needs to use this to hold the media to the same rules they want to hold the GGers and level the playing field a bit. Especially as we have seen those that profess to be for "social justice" acting to defend the attacks, collusion, and abuse of private data practiced by companies, like Gawker, by doing a counter e-mailing their advertisers.


  • Screencap controversial and distasteful tweets, et. al. from staffers from their respective media outlets.
  • Superimpose them.
  • Create OC focusing on the advertiser.
  • Publicize it on Twitter and other social media networks.

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  1. Operation Weaponized Clickbait (KiA) -[1]