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[[Operation Chinese Winter]]
[[Operation Chinese Winter]]
[[Operation Vulcan]]
== References ==
== References ==

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Operation Volcano
Owner: Leader
Status: Ongoing


Disseminate proof to all gamers that there are gaming journalists, who try to get games remove from sale and they are given a platform by the games media. And are therefore pro-censorship. [1] [2]


Diminish the readership of all the sites that support these corrupt game journalists and stop peoplee from recommending these sites to other gamers. Drive the journalists to take an ever more extreme stance, when they see those outside of Gamergate getting enraged, they will insult them and speak ill of even more games. This will drive a wedge between these game journalists and their publisher. It will also create another wedge between journalists who are in favor of censorship and those who are against. [3] [4]


Spread evidence of pro-censorship stances on gaming boards, reddit, comment sections, chans, and other social media, but don't mention Gamergate. Also, do not raid, spam, grand case on why gamers need to stand against those trying to take away their games. Do not try under any circumstances mention feminism, social justice warriors, and anything related. Just bring up a few sources that show relevant people, mainly journalists and those journalists which gives them a platform for their pro-censorship ideas (Random Twitter, Youtube, and Tumblr celebs do not matter). Avoid guilt by associations further removed than a single link, do not bring up academic papers and do not defend games against causing violence, the goal is to make gamers read the information with as open a mind as possible. To achieve this end, you need to avoid appearing like a cultist, an activist, a salesman, a lunatic, a conspiracy theorist, and anything similar to these. Reminder do not mention corruption or anything else linked to Gamergate. Do not give anyone any way to accuse you of belonging to Gamergate. If someone does, deny the accusation. Be careful to not show too much knowledge of Gamergate if you do this. Since you do not want to appear like someone who as a stake in this, neither pro- or anti-. At all costs avoid arguments about whether a game removed from a store constitutes as censorship. Any argument you can make will require too many words and a long discussion between two people will make outsiders uninterested in reading the evidence. Instead say that while the store has the right to remove games from sale as he pleases and everyone has the right to pressure a store into doing this, you have also the right to push back against this. You might get accused of being entitled. Again, make it abundantly clear that it is perfectly natural for you to want to keep the games you want to play available. Avoid making it an issues of right or wrong, plus, do not accuse the pro-censorship side of being immoral (Since being moral issues tend to be long, drawn out, and mostly there's no clear winner). You are not doing this to win an argument, but to spread the information to more gamers. Everything else doesn't matter, if someone insults you, be creative. If there's an opportunity to slip in some info into a discussion that's already under way, do it. A prime example are the discussions about Hatred's removal from Steam that have sprung up in many places in the internet.[5]

Make people aware that it's not just one game that sjws and their friends are trying to pull: https://archive.is/7EFvE

If you have information that can be use to destroy the "It won't happen to the games me and my friends" play, hand it to them. Preferentially use the proof of pro-censorship stances of white males. This will make it harder to connect you with Gamergate. They will burn sooner or later, you're just giving preferential treatment to the weakest targets first. One can't accuse you of misogyny or racism, if you target a white male. Reminder: Be calm and concise. The calmer you appear and the less information your readers need to process, the more readily they'll accept it. Avoid lying about the information. Only disseminate accusations that you have clear, archived proof of. And this is an undercover operation. Don't mention Gamergate or try to restore its honor. This is neither a PR operation nor a recruitment operation.

Carry out the operation. Collect and archived the proof from the past months and post it on 8chan's Gamergate thread, nor a recruitement operation.[6] Or on Kotaku in Action: https://www.reddit.com/r/KotakuInAction/comments/2pzagw/operation_volcano_8chan/

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