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Operation The Gamergate Archives

Since GamerGate relies solely on archive.is for all of their archiving needs, but it will be a disaster if archive.is ever goes down, because EVERYTHING that was saved would be lost, that would include every link, comment, and self-post in Kotakuinaction. [1][2][3]


Save anything about GamerGate just in case anything happens to Archive is. and mnemosyne. Do not allow the Internet to forget!


The Hobo Way Kotaku in Action uses free hosting/The KiA Wiki/A selfpost to create a list of all the GG relevant archives. The KiA group then downloads these archives and upload them to basically everywhere (free hosters, private servers, your own PC, a Raspberry PI, a Potatoes, and so on). Then adds all those mirrors of the original file to the list. Would be a ton of work for a whole lot of them, and the list would grow massive even if they just posted links on KiA. Adding comments and self posts to the list would double the work easily. Yes, it can be done, but it would be a constant efford by a lot of them to keep the list updated and add all the old stuff.

The Easy Way A script that does most of the work for us. Let it call of KiA for archive links, let it download the archives and upload it to places. Generate a list (Post title, Original LInk, Alternative Links, Checksum (gotta make sure no file gets changed on one of those mirrors), let people download that list and done. Virtually impossible to delete, always up to date, only requires a bunch of work initially (Someone to create that script).

We could also go crazy and host mirrors ourselves, but that would propably require some fundraising for hosting, and there's just no point in getting money involved into this.

Reminder: Archive.is allows allows .zip downloads of saved pages. Download one, open it, and bam you got the page ready to view, and you don't need to do any extra magic to make that happen.

List of GG research archives


Imageboards archives:

  • https://archive.is/oxh4K Concordia University, Paolo Freire Project, Google Ideas, George Soros, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, the Home Office, and the Saudis
  • https://archive.is/KMR2S DePaul University, Attack On Milo, and a "Director of Religious Diversity" who supports al-Qaeda
  • https://archive.is/lJxpf HASTAC, C+=, Feminist Frequency and Wikipedia, USC Annenberg, DiGRA, Geena Davis Institute, US diplomatic meeting with China
  • https://archive.is/qzRlv Literally Who - the Guardian, MacArthur Foundation, Media Standards Trust, Friends of the Earth, Pim Fortuyn


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  3. Journalists Are Now Editing Old Articles in Attempt to Change History (KiA/archive) - [3]