Operation Tequila Sunrise

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Operation Tequila Sunrise
Type: Mailing Campaign
Owner: Mug33k
Status: Complete

Comiccon rejected Mug33k's Gamergate and Quebec media coverage. [1] Olivier Leclair, took some part in the GG cancellation by writing e-mails. He was praised by Nicolas Verge, saying that Olivier has a vigilant.


Ask Square Enix Montreal if they support this kind of behavior (shenanigans: https://archive.is/p1aXp, false accusations of Hate Speech: https://archive.is/Fg4Ea, false accusations of lying https://archive.is/ne6n1, etc.)

For Comiccon, a complete retraction and apologies about the facts that included.




  • Olivier Leclair, do not make a martyr out of him . In fact, we should thank him for leaking the e-mail. Because, he greatly help Gamergate by exposing what goes on behind the scene in geeks conventions in Quebec. Link: https://archive.is/JMJ4C
  • Nicolas Verge. Similar to Olivier Leclair, do not make a martyr out of him. Secondly, personal infos are not protected by the law, if you contact him because he is a person and not a corporation in Canada.

Link: https://archive.is/72Niy

Whom to Contact


  • Cliff Caporale, Programming Director - cliff@comicconquebec.ocm
  • Scott Peron, VP Operations - scott@comicconquebec.com


  • Jean-Phillippe Cardin, General Manager - jp.cardin@geekfestmtl.com

Square Enix

  • CC/Patrick Naud, Head of the Studio - info@square-enix-montreal.com

What to Say:

I am not giving marching order, we are all free to write what we want, this is just some guidelines according to Reddit/KiA rules and How to Complain for Fun and Profit By Bruce Silverman (Best $10 you can spend on a Book, his advices works).

Bruce Silverman advice:

  1. 1) Use your real name. In Canada, companies are regulated to not shre publicly private info, including e-mails and names or they can get fined. Corporations do not take seriously anonymous e-mails. If you are concern about your private infos, used a disposable e-mail and sign with your real name and explain why you using a dummy account (Protect your private infos, etc.)
  1. 2) If you are a customer or a past customer, say it and if you can, show proofs (Photo, receipt, etc.).
  1. 3) Says that you love or used to love those companies. Show proof if and when you can.
  1. 4) Tell them what bothers you about their behaviors or why you do support those companies or do not support them anymore.

Remind them that Gamergate is not just so kind of monster but also customers and gamers.

  1. 5) Tell them what you want from them (See the Goal).
  1. 6) Paper letter is more effective than e-mail.

What NOT to Say

Anything that a reasonable person can consider as a genuine personal attacks or threats.

Insults. Informative and neutral language is more effective. Plus, keeping cool is more effective.

Trying to get someone fired for tweets. If you do not want to get fire for your own tweets, then don't do it to other people, common sense and decency but also for self-interest.


It was confirmed that in November 11, 2015, that what Nicolas Verge said were that his "Opinions are his own;" this is now in his twitter description. He also deleted his tweets praising Oliver Leclair's vigilance for the cancallation of the Geekfest panel.


The name for this Operation/project came when William Usher asked Olivier Leclair, if he wanted to cancel the Geekfest panel by writing those e-mails, he answered, "No, I only wanted to aske them if they'll serve tequila at the event. Bye." [2]

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