Operation Rohirrim

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Operation Rohirrim
Owner: thespectacularspider-girl
Status: Ongoing


Get new recruits for Gamergate/Not Your Shield, since numbers of the hashtag are dropping and the e-mail wins are getting tapered off. Lastly, to show our ranks in Twitter, using the #OPRohirrim. [1]


Tumblr users spread word of the boycott. Everyone, far, and wide needs to spread the news of Gamergate. Even though with significant follower counts need to get the word out.

Everyone involved needs to make a Reddit account and subscribe to r/KotakuInAction, show the number swell. Do the same with Twitter. Support the hashtag GamerGate and, if appropriate, Notyourshield.

Send e-mails. Look for the "Boycott of the Day" and follow it. Send e-mails to those people.

If, by chance, you're friends or acquaintances of anyone of social influence, either online or in real life, try to convince them to come out and publicly support GamerGate. We need more heavy hitters in our corner.

Everyone needs to do this. We need, within days, to rally and keep strong. Gamergate is not alone. Use the hashtag #OPRohirrim to sound the charge on Tumblr and Twitter.


Hashtag OPRohirrim is severly lacking in Twitter, let's fix that.

You are important, each and everyone of you. Do not think otherwise. So do not think for a second that "I won't make a difference." You will, stand and fight.

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