Operation Paper Thin

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Operation Paper Thin
Owner: Leader
Status: Ongoing


Opeartion: Paper Thin (aka #OpPaperThin) involves starving both Marvel and DC Comics of revenue and repuation, while patronizing and promoting their alternative rivals.

Goal With Marvel and DC Comics' growing trend of appealing to Social Justice, taking no care to improve their craft, and quality of their products. It is time to do more than simply give them angry tweets over their latest comic book cover change. It is time to hit both Marvel and DC comics where it hurts - financially. We need to support /co/ (8chan and 4chan's comic board) by boycotting the big two and hurt their wallets. Deny them revenue wherever and whenever possible. [1]


The Don'ts

Buying Marvel and DC banded comics, products, movie tickets (Treat their logos as a scarlet letter).

Pirating their products. Since doing that will show investors that you are not the target audience because you are willing to get products for free. This is counter-productive to your power as a consumer.

Talking about their products. [2] [3]

The Dos

Talk about the Big Two's business practices. Show how they use outrage culture to bolster sales. Plus, show how the artists and writers are constantly pressured into changing their works based upon corporate demand over artistic license.

Buy from their competitors, like Image, Dark Horse, IDW, all the other indie brands, and manga. Whatever scandal, shady dealings, and corruption that they have done in the past pales in comparison against the power Marvel and DC have and use irresponsibly. Buying exclusively from indies gives the little guys more power to compete against the big dogs.

Talk about other brands, get people motivated to buy comics that are good.

Co-opt trending hashtages to re-purpose them to focus on competitors. Our ability to co-opt hastags is one of the most demonstrably effective methods we have at our disposal. WE can easily generate free advertising in the process. [4] [5]