Operation Olive Branch

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Operation Olive Branch
Owner: HistoryOfGamerHatred
Status: Ongoing

This project's aim is to teach Sander supporters how to survive the narrative barrages from the mainstream media.


Go out there and teach Sanders supporters what Gamergators have learned. Show and teach them, the Bernie Sanders supporters, how to survive a bombardment from the Mainstream media and their social justice warrior allies. The Bernie Sanders supporters are going through a similar trans-formative experience as the GamerGate members. The mainstream media would want the Bernie supporters to toe the line and when that fails, the Media and their social justice warrior supporters will start aggressively issuing ultimatums to core influencers/ surrogates. [1] [2]



Teach the Sanders supporters how to hack SEO, research esoteric connections of collusion, how to name names, and force the gatekeepers of the Internet to divert their profits and resources into overt suppression.

Share your experiences and survival tips and our aggressively chronicled history with them and you will eventually quadruple your audience and expand the borders of our refugee camp. One day, our gamer identity will be restored and respected as its rightful place as the first truly accessible global identity of humanity and moments like now are the way to get there.

Extend the olive branch and teach them, even if they reject, spit, and ban you. Teach them how to survive what they are up against and they will be emboldened to take an even more firm stand. [3]

They will do more damage to the puppetmasters responsible for your plight than you can ever inflict and while that statement is crude political calculus, they are about to get steamrolled, and they will take any aid that is offered to them, even if its through gritted teeth. They may not thank you, and they may even hate you. But we never did this for the thanks. They need you now more than ever so do it! [4]


You need to give them tactics, history, experience, and tangible things we have done to survive narrative bombardments and that includes:

  • Promote a rigorous culture of skepticism for the mod staff.
  • Militant archival of all shared data to prevent memory holes
  • Hashtag hijacking and lots of it.
  • Recognition that the fourth and fifth estates are a thoroughly compromised entity and this includes applying the Trust but verify doctrine to the actors, who are in your echo chamber telling you what you want to hear.
  • Massive meme proliferation the moment a narrative bombardment occurs and sharing it across the battle space as rapidly as possible. As soon as the narrative picks its theme, meme generation should tear it to shreads as quickly and as voluminously as possible.
  • Creating lists of corrupt media agents with archived evidence of their corruption.
  • Bot creation, like Kotaku in Action's bot, mnemosyne to assist in tasks.
  • Mass creation of social media accounts that mock the politically correct narrative talking points by ironically embracing whatever it is we are being accused of. Example: "Gamers are misogynist shitlords!" Then you create a Twitter account called "SexistPoopking."
  • Agents within the chan boards, since the chans are the id of the internet brain and it's really hit or miss chaos. The misses are, at worst, hilarious, while the hits are massive.
  • Celebrity outreach. Gamergate exceleed at that in the early stages because, celebrities of note are very well off, either do drugs, play video games, or both in their massive amounts of idle time between massive career moves.
  • Invite media agents to recognize the opportunity of your gathering, because they are clickwhores and will do anything to promote a like-minded movement into revenue for you.

Generally, do anything that forces the Social Justice Warriors weapons to increase the number of targets that they have to engage. This will force them to split their focus, which will result in two outcomes:

  • They have to homogenize narratives, which results in massive inconsistencies for the unaligned observers.
  • They start focusing on mediums to save them time in their witch unts, which forces reactionary and inconsistent censorship that will ultimately target unaligned observers.


Be aware that this operation can also be use for other groups that the Social Justice Warriors and their Mainstream Media allies decided to target and persecute for their facts and beliefs.


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