Operation Mind Your Head

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Operation Mind Your Head
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The use of this hashtag #OPMindYourHead is to raise awareness on mental health issues, raise money for research foundations, and to fight the social stigma. Also as reminder to chill and take a vacation away from the internet drama. [1]


Confide to a close friend, talk to a counselor(s) or doctor - It can get a great weight off of your shoulders to get it all out.

The hashtag can also be serve as a friendly reminder with memes and art that you can take a break, play video games, unwind, and unplug from the grind of fighting for ethics and internet drama, don't take things too seriously.

Raise money for a research foundation that looks into treatments for mental disorders. Like this crowd rise: https://www.crowdrise.com/opmindyourheadhelpin/fundraiser/

Other Charities and Foundations

United Kingdom Mind http://www.mind.org.uk/ http://www.sane.org.uk/ http://www.youngminds.org.uk/

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