Operation Icy Blizzard

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Operation Icy Blizzard
Owner: Anonymous

Brief Summery Operation Icy Blizzard is an operation with three main objectives. First, to raise awareness about corruption in gaming journalism. Second, to promote ethical alternatives to the mainstream gaming press. Thirdly, to spark a conversation with new people to engage with its' participants and discuss why they care about ethics in game journalism. [1]


The main focus is about ethics in game journalism, though it is only one facet of the conversation and the campaign is not intended to limit the scope of GamerGate. The operation will go live on Friday on May 27, 2016 on Twitter, with the hastags #IcyBlizzard and #Gamergate. There are various ways to participate besides Twitter, if you are a content creator make a video, blog a post, art, and anything similar to encourage people to participate in the discussion and participate in the Thunderclap campaign (Link): https://www.thunderclap.it/projects/41573-operation-icy-blizzard [2]