Operation Hot Pockets

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Operation Hot Pockets
Owner: Anonymous
Status: Beginning

Julian Assange's internet link has been severed by a state party. [1] [2]


Note: ONLY British

Give Assange constant network and morale support all while streaming it live for the world to see. [3]

Have a bunch of supporters en masses to show up outside of the Ecuadorian Embassy with wifi-hotspots on hand.

This will demand media attention and even find out if Jullian Assange is okay or not.

Tips: There are ways to get him (and his associates) the internet.


Plan #A

Step 1: Obtain a drone.

Step 2: Obtain Wifi Hotspot

Step 3: Fly it up to the Embassy from remote location.

Step 4: Tweet @wikileaks "WE are with you all the way, Assange. Lets make free speech great again. [4]

Tips: Use crowdfunded burner smartphones capable of wifi hotspots and a drone, which is not a battery drainer.

Use a VPN over a network towards a TOR with steganography encrypted images or files can be used on any network if you have set everything up beforehand (Watch out for kitten images which are larger than they should be doing the rounds).

Plan #B

Or organise a worldwide fundraiser:

1 burner mobile - 25

1 disposable PAYG card - free, if ordered, 10 (with credit) supermarket

1 Monthly credit (Unlimited)

Gofundme to get the leader of the Free World back online - 50 - 60.

Plan #C

Set up a site to site microwave shot or some sort of line of site high frequency laser air talk to punch though the interferency. Attempting to jam a microwave signal could effect near by technology and a line of sight laser transmition can only be stopped by placing something inbetween.

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