Operation Ghost Trap

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Operation Ghost Trap
Type: Boycott
Owner: Vinz C.


This is a very simple campaign to send a message to Sony and Hollywood in general no reboots and remakes that are cash grabs. The Thunderclap was made by Vinz C. [1] [2]


One solution is to not hand over money for the Ghostbusters reboot on July 15, instead go and see the original film. Let your kids see and experience the original film first via old copy, borrowed, bought, and even shown in the theaters (Some theaters are even showing it), before they run off to see the rebooted Ghostbusters.

Support the Thunderclap, spread, share, and with friends using the hashtag #OpGhostTrap up and until July 13, https://www.thunderclap.it/projects/42300-you-make-the-call


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