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* [https://docs.google.com/document/d/1WjidVijE_fcVtOSXPajfTOqFbTFXt8V-6jWSij_DrGw GamerGate: A Supporter's Guide to Public Discourse]
* [https://docs.google.com/document/d/1WjidVijE_fcVtOSXPajfTOqFbTFXt8V-6jWSij_DrGw GamerGate: A Supporter's Guide to Public Discourse]
==References ==

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Operation Firefly

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Type Information Dissemination
Owner None
Status Ongoing

'Operation Firefly' is a project focused on spreading GamerGate information to Tumblr arising out of the realization that posts on the GamerGate tag were overwhelmingly negative and labeling it as a sexist movement. The goal is to expand pro-GamerGate messages outside of twitter, 8chan, and other established GamerGate hubs in order to reach people who otherwise would not hear our side.


Operation Firefly was started in early November 2014 as a D-Day style effort to break the stalemate that was bogging down the Twitter "front" at the time by invading and establishing a "beachhead" on Tumblr. Many felt that Twitter's perceived shortcomings, including its 140 character limit and focus on e-celebs, were sidetracking GamerGate and causing it to lose momentum. Operation Firefly was conceived of as a way to more effectively use GamerGate's limited resources and to break GamerGate's dependence on Twitter by opening a new "front" on Tumblr. Tumblr's lack of a character limit and reblog culture were seen as valuable resources that GamerGate should take advantage of, and the potential to create a sustainable GamerGate network on Tumblr that would disseminate unbiased information to the (notably anti-GG) Tumblr userbase was seen as one of the best ways for the movement to regain momentum and to break the "hugbox" effect of Twitter (the tendency to post within the hashtag rather than attempting to disseminate information outside of the tag).


Participating in Operation Firefly is as easy as opening a new Tumblr account.


Beginner's Guides to Tumblr:

Info Packs:

Guides to Public Discourse: