Operation Ethics in Hammer-Wielding

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Operation Ethics in Hammer-Wielding

This project is to help fund/raise money for the non-profit organization, Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, that helps comic creators by paying their medical expenses they might otherwise be unable to afford. Lastly, to generate, much, much more salt. [1]


The name is based on a caption from a Thor comic. The goal of Ethics in Hammer-Wielding is to raise money for the Hero Initiative. Since the comic book industry does not offer much benefits and has a long history of failing to take care of their own. The operation itself was made and proposed by Leader from 8chan [2]


Donate money to Heroes Initiative, this will not only benefit a good organization and these legends, it will drive Anti-Gamergators/ Social Justice Warriors up the wall (Plus, they cannot attack without looking stupid). The Hero Initiative, is a is beloved and supported by people in the comic book industry, however since most of the Anti-Gamergate have not donated a single dime to either of them, but nobody would ever slander or dismiss either of them. This is why the funding either one would be the most devastating thing members of GamerGate can do to them. [3]

Remember those Anti-Gamergators/Social Justice Warriors, who work in the comic book industry and complain about Gamergate on a daily basis, like the Comic Alliance, Laura Hudson, Kate Leth Niel Gaiman, and Joss Whedon to name a few. They will be clawing at themselves when Gamergate donates money to creators in need. There is no way they can attack that without looking like total fools. Gamergate would be literally funding the health-care of the very people Joss Whedon owes a paycheck to.

Lastly, slap Gamergate on every inch of this Pictures of Vivian, Gamergate memes, catchphrases, the gamergate hashtag, and the whole caboodle. Every single person should look at this and know that it's Gamergate doing this; It will be the cruelest cut of all, an act so evil and malicious that it should be illegal. All the while helping people.

Leader set up the fundraiser for this project on Razoo with the modest goal of $1,000.


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