Operation Earthquake

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Operation Earthquake

This project is a coordinated effort to inform thousand of neutrals on twitter about the blocklists. On Thursday April 9, 6PM PDT, Gamergate takes to twitter and trend the #AreYouBlocked?


Use this site: http://blockcheck.leagueforgamers.com/ And give it to the neutrals and they will try to find out if they are and what this is all about.

This site was made by Mark Kern and his leagueforgamers to make GamerGate's job easier by providing an easy tool where everyone can check their blocklist status and show that there are (at least) two blocklists. [1]


Tweet the #AreYouBlocked? to not just gamers, but Atheists and everyone else who is on the Atheism+ blocklist. Also, use the tons and tons of blocklist evidence related original content to put out on Twitter (Examples like, Breitbart, BBC report, that Dawkins is blocked, that Sommers is blocked, and that Baldwin is blocked.) [2]

Four Step Plan

Step 0: Create inforgraphics about Operation Earthquake and spread them everywhere on KiA, Twitter, Tumblr, Escapist forum, other forums, and so on.

Step 0.5: Create and collect original content about the Blocklists articles, who is on there, "What is the Blocklist," "Who is using the Blocklist," "IGDA and the Blocklist," Who created the Blocklist(s), "Why is Dawkins a racist according to the blocklist...Almost endless possibilities.

Step 1: Fire at least ten tweets at Thursday, April 9 6PM PDT with #AreYouBlocked. Use no other hashtags in those tweets.

Step 2: Everyone retweets and favorites 5 selected tweets. We know from another hashtag that extremely high boosted tweets help the tag to get trending. And those tweets will show up on the top page of the trending hashtag, where neutrals go to inform themselves what the fuss is about. Which tweets GamerGate uses will be announced after the operation is a foot.

Step 3: Start organically retweeting, favoriting, and replying to tweets with the hashtag.

Step 4: Acquire popcorn and enjoy the salt. [3]

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