Operation Dig-Dig-Dig

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Operation Dig-Dig-Dig
Status: On-going

Operation Dig-Dig-Dig is a project were Gamergate's diggers refocus themselves to do more research on the following companies, look for connections, fellow ideas and hunches. Remain objective. (Example of good research is here: https://archive.is/Na5xy ). [1]

Places to Start Digging


There's a lot of people in Indiecade, though concerntrate on the notables ones:

  • Kellee Santiago
  • Robin Arnott


  • Jonathan Blow. Braid dev. Found of Experimental Gameplay
  • Ron Carmel. Co-Founder of 2D BOY and World of Goo.
  • Kyle Gabler. Co-Founder of 2D BOY and World of Goo. Co-Founder of the Experimental Gameplay Project.
  • Aaron Isaken. Co-Creator with AppAbove Games. IndieCade EAst 2014 Festival Chair.
  • Kelle Santiago. Co-Founder and President of thatgamecompany.
  • Nathan Vella. Co-Founder and President Capybara Games. Superbrothers: Sword and Sorcery EP, Might and Magic Crash of Heroes, Critter Crunch.
  • Matthew Wegner. Founder of Flashbang Studios. Independent Games Festival co-chair. Independent Game Summit Advisor.

Ouya (Link: https://archive.is/puinp)

  • Julie Uhrman. Founder.
  • Bob Mills. Developer Relations.
  • James Karra. Director of Product Management and Product Manager.
  • Kellee Santiago. Developer Relations.
  • Tadhg Kelly. Various Developer Relations, Free-to-Play Advisor.

The Indie Devs Clique

There is not much info because we do not know just how many cliques are there and how many people are in it.

Patreon Circles

The claim is that Mikhail Popov paid off Alex Wawro to give Mollieindustria press.

Here are the Patreon page images:

  • Alex Wawro:
  • Mikhail Popov:
  • Jenn Frank:

The Wawro piece:


If anyone can make this clearer by Twitter logs or whatnot, it would be appreciated.

The Censorship on Reddit

The masterminds behind the admins needs to be discovered, maybe the ones, who own reddit.

The Steam Consensus

There are some funny business regarding Kotaku's numbers...

Please see: https://www.reddit.com/r/KotakuInAction/comments/2h6ixy/steam_has_released_curators_kotakus_group_has_1/

The group, who sent the message "Gamers are Dead"

It would be low priority but it would be nice to know, who was the messenger that sent to all the sites this message that "Gamers are Dead."


Soulesswhisper (If you want to add info):


A reminder of how to fight against SJW: https://archive.is/YZL95

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  1. Operation: DigDigDig - [1]