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* During the upcoming BlizzCon, be sure to cosplay  
* During the upcoming BlizzCon, be sure to cosplay  
** Reminder do not bug those who are just there for fun and don't want anything to do with politics.
** Reminder do not bug those who are just there for fun and don't want anything to do with politics.
* Watch   and  's Twitch channels and donate money to them.
* Watch Virtual and  's Twitch channels and donate money to them.
* [https://www.reddit.com/r/HongKong/comments/cv0ws4/how_can_you_help_hong_kong_protests_from_abroad/  See this thread on how to REALLY support Hong Kong].
* [https://www.reddit.com/r/HongKong/comments/cv0ws4/how_can_you_help_hong_kong_protests_from_abroad/  See this thread on how to REALLY support Hong Kong].

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Note to Anyone: Their needs to be tricks to get the Battle. net accounts deleted without giving private information. So, please add if one manages to outsmart Blizzard's system.

Operation Chinese Winter
Alt text
Type: Mailing campaign , Social Media, Awareness Campaign
Leader: Erin Carson
Founder: Erin Carson
Status: Active

Operation #ChineseWinter is our reminder to Blizzard Activision that we are #StillAlive . The censorship of gamers to benefit the People’s Republic of China, is unacceptable. Gamers have long been as familiar as anyone with the sting of censorship. One of our brothers has fallen. Let’s revive him.

In spite of partial Tencent ownership, the price of damaging it’s global brand is larger than the profits in the Chinese market. Remind them that we are the bigger market.[1][2][3]

Goal (For Now)

To get Overwatch, other Blizzard games, and popular properties banned from China, since that country banned Disney's Winnie the Pooh because of a meme that was comparing Chinese president, Xi Jinping.[4][5] As well as find ways to support the Hong Kong resistance against China's communist dictatorship. Also, to support the two fired casters, probably even to the point of them getting their jobs back.


You’ve been called. #GamerGate #Blizzard #GamersUnite If you are seeing this, liberty needs you’re help. This is an awareness campaign. Embrace the power of memetic warfare.

  • Spread the word on Social media.
    • Change your avatar and your banner.
    • Post relevant things to the Hashtags on this page.
    • Include it in your new art, humor, and your other memes.
    • Operation is straight forward. Mix and match images if you have them.
  • Talk about it. With friends family members and coworkers, talk about the chilling effect of censorship and how it effects gaming / sports.
  • Seek out and sign petitions relevant to the cause.
  • Also, besides using Mei-Ling Zhou, use other characters, like Hello Kitty and Mickey Mouse, to become Hong Kong's mascots; because these characters are huge over in China and it will force them to ban them, the products, and the whole companies.[6]
  • During the upcoming BlizzCon, be sure to cosplay
    • Reminder do not bug those who are just there for fun and don't want anything to do with politics.
  • Watch Virtual and 's Twitch channels and donate money to them.
  • See this thread on how to REALLY support Hong Kong.


Liberate HK Mei
Vivian reminds you that she is still alive. Non Feather version.
Vivian, Blizzard China version.
  • Spread these images Mei-Ling Zhou is the most important; Vivian reminds you that she is still alive.

Note: Please if you're gonna draw Mei and anyone that's a HK protester, use this flag instead: HK Protester flag.png

The protesters flew this flag instead.[7]

  • Recommend Blizzard Entertainment's rivals' games, like Gods Unleashed (Hearthstone), Team Fortress 2 (Overwatch), and so forth.

Note: Please be aware and be careful of what you recommend that some of these companies are also bootlickers to China, like Riot.[8][9]

  • Look up Operation Vulcan and Operation Volcano to learn how to win debates or at least argue your case and to bring some proof that game journalists would love to get games ban, especially being political about it.

News Articles for Proof


  • There is a post on KIA Chat
  • Erin Carson has a personal blog post about this.
  • Erin Carson is available on Twitter, but that should not be necessary.

How to Submit a Fake ID

Since Blizzard's tech support involves submitting a Government ID (If you're an adult), a birth certificate (If you're a parent of a minor or teenager), driver's license, learner's permit, passport, health card (for Aussies, New Zealanders, and Canadians), or a voter registration card in order to delete your account. Here's how to submit a fake ID:[15][16][17][18]

Government ID

Make the ID in photoshop, for some reason they also accept it. Make everything fake: picture, address, date of birth, issue date, expiration date, and so forth, except for your real name (Due to it being attach to your account). Note: You have 30 days to review the picture and to approve or deny, otherwise your account is not deleted.

Birth Certificate/Adoption Certificate

Photoshop a fake picture in order to fake a birth certificate, but make sure that the DOB incidates that you're a minor. It has to look the part, so that way Blizzard Entertainment will accept.

If Tech Support Asks

If the customer tech support guys request what's your reasons of why you want a permament account deletion, POLITELY clarified that you're never supporting and buying from them, because of the Hearthstone incident, the weibo "We're sorry, China." apology, that Blizzard supporting a foreign government body that's horrible to both foreigners and natives (especially regarding free speech and human rights), and being hypocritical towards the West. Also, POLITELY means professional language, little to no cursing.

For BlizzCon2020 and Beyond

Buying BlizzCon tickets, including the virtual ones, are final. Though one can resell tickets at AXS.com.[19][20]

For Late Timers, Don't Give Up

Blizzard disabled all four methods of authentication, just to stop gamers from deleting their accounts.[21] For now and for some people, the private information, like Government IDs, will be invalid, even using the SMS, e-mails, and the physical key chain authenicators.[22][23]


Since the Irvine game company refuses to process GDRP, physically mail your complaints to Blizzard and the politicians in your countries.[24][25]


If Blizzard refuses the requests for account deletion, since they totally want those Government ID, one should file complaints to the Better Business Bureau. Especially they denied after submitting, will give one good reasons to file a complaint to the BBB.

Better Business Bureau

Reminder/Note: If one needs help with filing claims with the BBB, get depressionxdepressed, a redditor. He will even make a guide on how to submit claims to the bureau.


Ask your parents and guardians for help when filing and that you're protected under your country's laws. Plus, you would not get into trouble for filing and also as your guardians are made to be if the services are okay and legit. But if they allowed you to use credit cards/debit cards to purchase anything from Blizzard Entertainment, then the adults have a right to file the suit. Also, it's because the game company regards the account as belong to YOUR guardian/parents.

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