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Operation BBC
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Send a letter to CBC, ABC (Australia, not the Disney News channel), and BBC complaining about their Gamergate coverage.


Be British and from the United Kingdom

E-mail BBC and the rest of the news media, like CBC and ABC (Australia, not the Disney News), and politicians highlighting the sections about the truth of Gamergate. Use the WAM! Report. [1]


WAM! Report: http://womenactionmedia.org/cms/assets/uploads/2015/05/wam-twitter-abuse-report.pdf

Articles and Audio in Question

Twitter and the Poisoning of Online Article: https://archive.is/qBSVx

Rory Cellan-Jones Tweet: https://archive.is/yfaS3

He was shown correct information, but he says he knows nothing about Gamergate despite writing the above article and stating that the consumer revolt must be condemned by CON.

Sargon of Akkad BBC Gamergate Interview (audio fixed)

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