Operation: TakeBackADL

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Operation: TakeBackADL
Owner: Veteran Leader
Status: Starting

The Anti-Defamation League is attacking a cartoon frog because Hillary Clinton attacked it, so they are supporting her and using their reputation to back her up no matter how ridiculous it makes them look and how much it damages the ADL's brand. [1]

Look through the Anti-Defamation League's online catalog of hate symbols and one will notice some very prominent absences where one will find groups that REALLY want to kill all the Jews, LGTBQ, and other groups.

Hate Symbols Database:




Unlike the other Gamergate operations, this is a target operation with a list of demands.

  • Fire Jonathan Greenblatt, Jinnie Spiegler, and anyone else responsible for the ADL's absolute trashy "educational" materials.
  • List groups, like the Muslim Brotherhood, Black Lives Matter, and third-wave feminists groups as hate groups because they are one.


What to do:

  • Send e-mails to local ADL representatives and local Jewish leaders.
  • Recruit Jewish friends, family, and neighbors.
  • Get involved on social media. If you are not involved in the campaign, at least talk about it.
  • Gather and spread evidence and knowledge of anti-Jewish hate groups, so you know what you are fighting for and can support your arguments.


To any Gamergate supporters inside the ADL, DO NOT RESIGN. That never works. Instead: Spread and leak info. Take your organization from the inside.

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