Operation: No Nudes No Peace

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Operation No Nudes No Peace
Owner: Anons on /v/
Status: Beginning


Steam is censoring any games with 'adult content', threatening to remove the game form the store. Majority of them have anime art. Therefore not applying their terms and conditions for developers equally, primarily, the developers and companies of Western games with similar 'adult content' didn't get similar death notes (i.e. "Ladykiller in a Bind").

Recently Steam started to send bunch of death-notes to developers, that the game must be censored until the end of the May, or their games will be forcefully removed from the Steam.

So far 3 devs got the notification.[1][2]

HunieDev of HuniePop
http://archive.li/sna4g - HuniePop might be removed from the stores by Valve announcements on Steam.

NEKO WORKs of Neko Para and Tropical Liquor

Lupiesoft of Mutiny!!

It started on 17 May 2018.

Fakku was caught shilling themselves after that.

Guidelines and Participation

  • Gather around and collect the information about this May death notification of Valve.
  • Send faxes, e-mails, and alert your friends about this.
  • Find out why the Valve took this turn.
  • Search for other devs that could get this notice too.
  • Report any games with slightest adult content on Steam to check if double standard exists.
  • Note that the current build of HuniePop, and other games that got death sentence does not even contains nudity or depiction of full sex.
  • This is the last stand against this censorship madness on Steam.
  • If we allow this, sooner or later niche titles from Japan and indie won't be released on PC and Steam.

Sub Operations

Operation 0:Keyboard Warrior Training (Prepare)

Goal: Learning how to write semi-formal e-mails and letters.

If you need help, search for "How to write a polite e-mail/letter." 1. Find out how to contact and who I means naught if you cannot find just how to send your message. If you cannot find an e-mail related to your query (i.e. no general contact e-mail or feedback - just the professional or corporate addresses), then use it! Just apologize that you cannot find any other e-mail addresses to contact them by. Be sure to share the addresses in the 8chan thread. 2. If you know who to e-mail specifically, open the e-mail/letter with Dear Mr./Mrs./Miss. Surname. If not, Dear Sir or Madame/To Whom It May Concern will do. 3. Thank them for taking the time to read your e-mail. 4. Get straight to the point. "I'm writing to inform you...", "I am writing to ask..."- you can also start this with who you are to them. (i.e. You've bought their games, merchandise, and short movies, therefore liking it, or you'll buy more soon. "As a long time fan of the [franchise]." "I've been looking forward to [game]." If you make a statement about Steam - link to the tweets of developers complaining or even game journalist websites (Assuming they are well written, avoid opinionated language, and state the sourced facts). Including both the original link and the archive link. That way in case the original vanishes, you'll still have the proof, and the reader can check the real sources first before clicking on the strange website, called archive.whatever. Plus, you've saved them research time. 5. Close with "I look forward to hearing from you soon." "Thank you for your time." "I'm looking forard to [next game]." Then finish with "Sincerely" or "Kind Regards" then give your full name.

'Reminder: Do not swear, get mad, and threaten (For example: "I won't buy your game if" is not good, instead say "I do not feel comfortable supporting Steam, and hope [soulation]" or "I really want to play [game] and hope there's plans to [put it on other systems/stores]" would be better. Do not use post words if you don't feel natural using. Use precedes, if it feels more natural to you instead and be yourself. Also, don't forget to proof read. They're there and don't know if they're in the wrong place, and the online/e-mail spellcheckers rarely check for grammar.

Operation 1: Get Mad! (Inform)

Goal: Inform consumers and developers who may be unaware of this.

Find the communities that are based around the relevant things (i.e. porn, games with any form of "sexual" content, and developers that will/are producing such a game on Steam) - Then tailor the information relevant to them. Examples: For the GTA V community: They're taking down a lot of these games primarily for sexual content - Even the popular stuff. You don't think this could happen to GTAV, right?

For the porn visual novels: The Grand Theft Auto series does way worse - So how come visual novels are the first to get the take down threats? Both causes their users to discuss, spread information, and even take actions themselves. - Though for different reasons. In addition, you can spread info via "tag-jacking." Find a hashtag for popular games being released on Steam with adult features, and wonder aloud just how long it'll stay up, since it has sexual content. (i.e. "I'm really looking forward to Grand Theft Auto 6, but I'm wondering if Steam will take it down, due to hating anything remotely sexy. Are the strip clubs and hookers gone?!"


Finally, write directly to the developers of those games. Explain that you've heard that Steam is purging all sexual and remotely sexy content, plus as a big fan of their game(s), you're concerned what's going to happen to it, with porn games, be more blunt about it. Examples: "I'm looking forward to Grand Theft Auto 6, but I've heard that Steam is purging a lot of the adult games. Does this mean that GTA 6 is going to remove/censor the hookers and strip clubs?" "I'm looking forward to [Hentai visual novel], but I think Steam won't let you sell it. Other developers with similar games, just got their games taken down from Steam."

Reminder: Do not encourage these communities to do any of the Sub Operations. People rarely like to sign up for someone else's crusade, since most are lazy/apathetic, and will only spread info on their own without prompting, so don't bother - Unless they're showing signs that they want to do something. Then you chime in with the Sub-Ops (and Don't link to 8chan). Just repost and rework the plans in your own wordy way, make it fun and/or easy.

Operation 2: Port Storm (Inform and Demand)

Goal: Inform the Developer of the Situation, and request a port onto another system(s)/store.

Like the above states, inform a developer who has a game that can only be bought through Steam, politely asking them if there will be a port onto a game console or online store (i.e. GoG, Uplay, etc). Asking for a physical copy is a bit much, since it's now expensive and almost a lost art. List specific console(s) if you want, but do not complain if you hate the company. We just need to hammer Steam hard and any port will do. This also works for developers that are working on games that are not out yet - But are stated for Steam release only.

Operation 3: Sister Site (Inform and Demand)

Goal: Inform developers of the situation and tell them that you are going to/have already bought the game on a non-Steam platform.

Note: Don't buy a game that you're not interested mainly for the operation. Play the games that you want to play. Plus, don't fake it with fake covers printed off of the net either.

Inform developers who have games on Steam and other platforms/stores that you love the game(s) and bought the non-Steam version - And explain why you're avoiding the Steam version. Maybe mix in other feedback about the game itself. If the Steam version has exclusive content, ask the developer when is that content coming to other platforms, since you don't want to support Steam. If you already own the game - Take a picture of it and send it to them, as proof. Just like before, this also works for developers and companies that are working on games that are not out yet and are Steam exclusive.


Contacts to Steam:

United States. Phone +1 425 889 9642.
Fax +1 425 827 4843.
Email contact@valvesoftware.com
General information: contact@valvesoftware.com
Jobs/hiring: jobs@valvesoftware.com
Steamworks and Steam Distribution: steamworks@valvesoftware.com (Business inquiries only please)
Mods and the Software Developer's Kit: sdk@valvesoftware.com
Webmaster: webmaster@valvesoftware.com

Preliminary hitlist:

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