Operation: Lonely Hearts

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Operation: Lonely Hearts
Type: Co-opting
Owner: The Leader of Gamergate
Status: Unknown

Presumably the intention for this project is to imply that the Anti-Gamergators stands for "critical thinking" and playing all varieties of games, while Gamergate is against that. [1] However, fitting for their own displays of narcissism, stating that they are taking these hearts and slapping their own portraits inside of them.

A few of Gamergate have taken the hearts, adopted the green and purple colors, and placed video game characters at the center.

Some people have been insulted and harassed for adopting the heart as angry anti-GGers spots them. As we all know, these people support LOOKING good, but they failed to actually back up the messages they claim to support.


Take the hearts and put a video game, anime, or whatever character in it.


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