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Operation: Korean BBQ
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Since recent events in South Korea has exploded, now would be the perfect time to show the rest of the world what Social Justice Warriors can do to a country and what they do when they get their way. [1]

Tale of a Shirt

One of the controversies began when a Korean voice actress, Jayeon Kim, who was working for the PC game company Nexon, tweeted out a shirt which she purchased earlier with the phrase "Girls don't need a prince." [2]

Customers were outraged over the tweet and called Nexon to let her go (Note: Kim was already paid for her work and Nexon hired another voice actress for the game and terminated Kim's contract. Another game company which Jayeon Kim worked for also had to let her go following the backlash).

The shirt was not the problem, it was the group that SOLD said shirt which sparked the controversy and the group's name is Megalia4.

Megalia4 is a feminist Facebook page devoted to fighting misogyny in Korea. While the Facebook page is not too controversial, but Megalian.com, on the otherhand is despised by many men in Korea. The site was described as the feminist 4chan, filled with misandric jokes and even celebrating the Korean War. Megalia4 denies any relation with Megalian.com, despite the name share.

According to critics, the main issues with the shirt is that some believe that portions of the money would help pay for the legal fees for a woman, who falsely accused a web-comic artist of sexual assault and other women being sued associated with Megalian.com. Though there is no apparent evidence to connect these women with Megalia4's fundraising campaign.


Part One Inform people on South Korea's radical feminists, the terrorists actions, and insanity of Megalia and their sister group, Daughters of Megalia. Eliminate the disinfo on No Shield being the Korean GG (Because, it's not misogyny harassment either and they are about letting certain companies get censored by the government because they were betrayed, but this backfired). [3]

Aim For: People drawing conclusions that Western SJWs could escalate to Megalia's level or discredit western SJW by ideology proximity.

Avoid People thinking the S. Korea example is so extreme that it'll "Never happen over here" (By showing the opposite end of the scale, people cannot see how they could get there).


Post info in comments of articles and tweets, get GookAnon to interview HeatStreet (Gook says he will), create infographs (But find other sources to verify).

Follow up Operations (in rough order of priority):

-Produce Infographs directly comparing South Korean SJWs to Western SJWs (To help the stragglers who have not made the connection).

- Contact other S. Korean anons to back up and verify information. Some of this information has been verified on the South Korea reddit community.

- Get good outlets to produce stories in South Korean.

- Get South Korean literate people to dig into Meligana and it's connections (Like the Korean Huffington Post).

- Push for anti-SJW stuff among certain groups that can be whipped into a frenzy easily (like soccer moms, people with disdain for US education system/ Common Core) using the S. Korea comparisions (In this instance, play to their ignorance. "It's foreign so it must be bad. They were against us in WW2, right?!") to get them to campaign against SJW stuff in schools and colleges. Though the schools will just rebrand it and carry on - But the more we make them have to cover their tracks and re-work, the more errors they will make.

- Create documentation tracking how South Korea wounded up like this. This will also help in finding more string-pullers and dig into who or whatever they have their fingers in.

- Note: This step may be unneeded if the previous steps go well. Do Operation: Disrespectful Nod on South Korean companies that fund SJW or supports Meligana.


If you have any information about Korean Gamergate, contact Will Hicks:


If you are going to expose and pushback against Megalia, make sure that all dissemination cannot be misconstrued as anti-Korea speech.


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