Operation: GameSpotting

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Operation: GameSpotting
Owner: SixtyFours
Status: Starting

It was recently found that GameSpot has undisclosed affiliate links on their game pages. This should not be swept under the floor. [1] [2]


Since Billy Usher got radio silence from GameSpot when contacting them, this operation is going to be needed for something to be done.


Two Step Plan

  • Find pages that have the Amazon affiliate links in them. There are multiple examples of these on GameSpot, such as the ReCore and Forza Horizon 3 pages, links: https://archive.is/flOrM and https://archive.is/6xWKw. The Amazon affiliate tag links is tag=gamespot-vg-20.
  • Report these findings to the FTC. Finding and reporting multiple pages of GameSpot having undisclosed affiliate links will help show the FTC how big of an issue it is on the webiste.


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