Operation: Double Vision

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Operation: Double Vision
Type: Email Campaign
Owner: trander6face
Status: Starting Up





Gizmodo has written a hit piece on September 23, 2016, against Palmer Luckey, the founder of Oculus and a Gary Johnson supporter, even digging up his personal affairs and made everyone aware of his romantic affiliations with Nikki Moxxi. By revealing this, Moxxi began receiving untold accounts of harassment that eventually led her to close down her account. [1]

As one can see, Neogaf, SJW, the Mainstream Media, and so forth, began harassing Palmer Luckey and his girfriend to the point that they both left social media.


Contact Univision an e-mail, for the biased article about Nikki Moxxi that Bryan Menegus wrote, as per page 36 of Univision News' Code of Conduct.


Contact Univision about the Gizmodo hit piece and Bryan Menegus. [2]

List of Contacts:

Univision: link: http://corporate.univision.com/contact/

Operation Disrespectful Nod/Advertisers

Leave them a Tweet.

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