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Type: Getting a Steam curator page/group to surpass SJW/Anti-GG Steam Groups
Owner: breadite112

This is a operation for Steam, to take the Steam Curator group, Waifu Hunter, above Kotaku in terms of popularity.


Only 3,609 needed (as of this posting) to tie with Kotaku. Aim for above 4,000 as it will be harder for them to surpass. The fact that they admitted that curators are based on popularity and the salt in Kotaku article about the Waifu Hunter review on their friend's game, and then Waifu Hunter surpassing them. [1] This should provide another vein of salt in the salt mine, since anything Kotaku recommends against just gets even more popular.


Push Waifu Hunter above Kotaku in the curator ranking. GG did this for other curators, like anime 1.0, Boogie, and Hodor; do it for the waifus. Link: http://store.steampowered.com/curator/6862926-Waifu-Hunter/

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  1. Op:We Hunted The Waifu - [1]