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OpSalty Tears
Type: Vote hijack?
Owner: None in particular
Status: Finished

Operation Salty Tears was an operation for Gamergators and Anti-SJW to vote in the Shorty Awards 2015 nominations. [1]


Vote for:

  • Totalbiscuit - For gamer category. Notes: Game reviewer, mainly in the YouTube-based vlog format. Known for championing gamers' rights. Recently had cancer treatment and surgery, and is not fully recovered. Recently called out some prominent SJW agitators and tactics.
  • Adam Baldwin - For actor category. Hollywood actor with conservative political values. Most famous for his work in Full Metal Jacket, Firefly, and Chuck. Coined the #GamerGate hashtag and has put significant effort into #GamerGate awareness and activism. He was nominated as actor.
  • CHSommers - For the other category. Notes: A leading proponent of equity feminism, her work debunks the false premises of radical third-wave feminism and points towards a more egalitarian understanding of sex equality. Categorized under other, because there's no academic category, and none of the others categories do her work justice. Replace "#other" with "#academic" in your message when you nominate.
  • Nero - For journalist category. Notes: British gay journalist of Greek ethnicity, who has conservative political values. Broke the #GamerGate and #GameJournoPros stories into the mainstream press. Exposed Shanley Kane
  • @radicalbytes - For the non-human category, credited as the producer and co-writer of the Feminist Frequency project, though actually its complete mastermind. Has ignorant and bigoted positions on games, gamers, men, white people, capitalsim, Israel, and pretty much everything in general.
  • @femfreq - For the fake account category. A vlog project masterminded by Jonathan McIntosh and telemarketed by Anita Sarkeesian that is fradulent in execution, premise, and content.
  • Kotaku - For the blogger category. The largest outlet implicated in #Gamergate, in both budget and influence. Dishonestly represents itself as a journalistic or blogging outlet depending on the argument.
  • @freebsdgirl - For the healthy living category. An anti-Gamergate "programmer" infamous for not being a very good one. Created the Gamergate blocklist specifically intended to silence and deframe Gamergate activists as harassers. Also, infamous for her meth habit and her morbidly obese weight.
  • @petercoffin - For the DIY category. An Anti-Gamergate podcaster and vlogger infamous for making up fictions about a girlfriend, a wife (different from the girlfriend), and a baby, all exposed.


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