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OpLicenseless Tweeter
Owner: Leader of GamerGate

Recent revelation has shown that Twitter is now stealth banning people, whose politics, opinions, and worldviews do not align with them. [1]


The gist is that 6:00 EST on August 26, 2016, we post up derogatory (not edgy, you know the difference) yet truthful comments in the tag #BanMeNow in an attempt to deliberately get our account shadow banned so that we can red-pill regular people, who will find sympathy for the guys trying to stand up to Twitter's unreasonableness, make Twitter mods and report button shills overwhelmed with the shear numbers of problematic tweets, make Twitter mods responsible for deleting accounts of 6 million ex-paying customers (Essentially quickening their ride to bankruptcy) in a shoah of epic proportions and get the point across to Twitter that their cyber violence will not be tolerated.


Share this project with politically incorrect groups, like those from /pol/ from 8chan, 4chan, and whatever chan group that Social Justice Warriors hate) involve. Let them know that there's a real chance of really hurting Twitter/taking it down and making them regret the Trust and Safety Council. Because there's enough butthurt and esire for mayhem to convince people to make accounts and stirr up trending advertising.

Be careful to not make them think that you are asking them to do it for GamerGate or else there is going to be infighting and such over "gamergoys" or whatever.

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