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Ollie Barder
Aliases: https://twitter.com/Cacophanus , http://cacophanus.tumblr.com/ , http://www.linkedin.com/in/oliverbarder
Occupation: video game developer, freelance journalist
Affiliations: Mecha Damashii (fansite), Gears of War (Senior Game Designer (former))


Ollie Barder is a video game developer and freelance journalist, for then years has worked in the video game industry. He was the Senior Game Designer of Microsoft's Gears of War: Judgment and founded the giant mecha fansite, Mecha Damashii. [1]

On Gaming Journalism

On August 31 (or September 1), Barder criticized the incompetence and corruption, that he has seen within video game journalism:

  • Whenever I tried to write about what ACTUALLY happens in game development that was a big no-no. Needed to be about "auteurs."
  • I used to write corrections in the EDGE forum years ago and they have harassed me ever since. So shit.
  • The biggest problem, I've had is that unless I towed the publisher endorsed line, I rarely got work. That's just crap really!
  • As an aside I am going to TGS this year. So if you want some coverage minus the publisher bullshit, then hit me up!
  • EDGE always embodied the desire to be taken seriously in a really horrible way. Anti-facts almost.
  • Off to bed soon (I'm in Tokyo btw) but the outpouring of support is REALLY APPRECIATED!
  • Don't back down or give up. If you care about games then this shit really matters. Been fighting this crap for a decade!
  • Few more old friends have unfollowed me over #GamerGate it seems. People are conflating this with misogyny, which is just wrong.
  • Was often told to make my articles "less factual," because the readers wouldn't understand. What?!?
  • The EDGE posse have been shitting on gamers for years. This was written LAST YEAR (Parkin is ex-EDGE) - If You Love Games, You Should Refuse to be Called a Gamer Link: https://archive.is/wBQAh
  • So a bunch of former game journo friends have unfollowed/blocked me because I've spoken out about #GamerGate, rather sad really...
  • So if anyone wants to hire a freelance Japanese correspondent (who loves mecha) I am now rather available! [2]


On September 1, Barder claimed to have been "blacklisted." [3]

In response to rumors spreading on the web, Barder clarified that he had been cut off by a company for which he was working as a freelance writing for. [4]

  • Also, it wasn't really a "dismissal," more just stonewalled/ignored.
  • You don't get dismissed as a freelancer really. Just no follow up work.

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