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OP Easy One Hour Salvo

Type Mailing Campaign
Owner Massivered
Status Ongoing

Let advertisers know why you quit being their customer. [1] [2]


1) Don't go to unethical media websites, like Gawker Media sites (Any longer if so).

2) You can not support companies/products that advertise there.

Bonus Mission: Two Birds One Stone

Let advertisers know which websites you now go to:

1) List your new sites, like Nichegamer.com, Techraptor.net, etc.

2) Let them know you take off adblock for these sites.



'Goose Island Beer Company'

Contact: http://www.gooseisland.com/contact.html





Jeff Bezos, CEO - jeff@amazon.com

Sam Wheeler, Director of Advertising and partnership - swheeler@amazon.com

Adam Selipsky, Vice President of Marketing et al. - selipsky@amaon.com


E-mail - support@stacksocial.com

Kinja (Gawker)


Contact: http://www.dressbarn.com/customer-service/contact-us


Contact: https://help.target.com/help/ContactUS?Con=ContactUs@searchQuery=search%20help

(Select online experience, advertising and promotions, then fill out the ask form to forward to a more appropriate department if necessary).



Support: support@woot.com

Kotaku (Gawker)

Covered by the above and below advertisers on Gawker Media as well as:

1. General Mills


E-Mail kendall.powell@genmills.com (CEO)

Gizmodo (Gawker)

1. Lexus.com


(select web experience, then fill out form)

2. Huckleberry.com


(select compliments and feedback, then fill out form)

3. dare-greatly.com (This is a Cadillac ad campaign)


Lifehacker (Gawker)

1. Hostgator

E-Mail: press@hostgator.com

2. Yokohama Tires (adsense)


(Send a tiny message, there is a 100 character limit).

3. Godaddy.com

E-Mail: Public Relations: drace@godaddy.com, elizabeth@godaddy.com, kpfeffer@godaddy.com

Deadspin (Gawker)

Covered by the above and below adveriters on Gawker Media

io9 (Gawker)

1. Dreamhost (native ads)


(select to contact public relations, fill out the form - There is a captcha fill out fyi)

2. Allstate insurance (adsense)

https://messaging.allstate.com/corp.aspx (Select complaint, but mention it is not a complaint about them but a friendly notification).

3. smugglersbounty.com (banner ad)

E-Mail support@smugglersbounty.com

4. meundies (native ad)

E-Mail support@meundies.com

Recommend Easy and Efficient Path

1. Do the website online forms first (Use a template response).

2. Do the e-mails second (Use a template e-mail).

Should take no more than an hour to do and is highly effective.

Play games with a heroic clear conscience because you have helped out.

Use a burner e-mail if you are paranoid or have a job worth keeping.

Easy as: https://cock.li/register.php, then https://mail.cock.li/

Example Template to Create:


Just a heads up, Gawker media has declared gamers dead after being exposed for unethical journalistic practices and to this day continues a ridiculous false narrative against gamers. Gamers and non-gamers alike have for the most part left Gawker sites and now go to better sites. I personally go to "[Nichegamer.com, TechRaptor.net, and the Escapist, et al.]" now for a few examples. There is a large proportion of gamers as well as non-gamers, who will no longer support companies that advertise on sites that slander gamers and are poor representation of journalism.

I am one of them.

Please feel free to ask any questions or request proof as I will be happy to provide it on behalf of my principals and the hobby I enjoy.



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