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This operation/project came about because of the realization that many people feel tired and uninterested in GamerGate. Mainly because of the slowness, apparent stillness of the activism it might imply. [1]


The goal is to bring back those that left or have become uninterested, back into supporting Gamergate. One of the efficient solutions would be to reassemble and discuss your hopes, disappointments, or joys. It is what has been accomplished and what needs to be done to making sure that Gamergate does not end. [2]


Bring Friends Back

There are many people that we have met, if they appear to have left or grown disinterested, talk to them about their presence still being appreciated.

Tips: Remain polite and friendly; keep examples of the still current air of corruption Gawker media and their contemporaries are forcing upon everyone. Showcase Gamergate victories, and establish new hope; give them a chance to merely stop if they so wish, but remain open to show them their "bad times" were anecdotes more than any actual genuine mindset. [3]

Use the Tag

The hashtags, like #GamerGate, #TorrentialDownpour, and the like, get abused by bots, trolls, and attention seekers, who want eyes on them. Take the tag back!

Tips:As soon as you talk about game journalism, whether positively, or negatively, use the hashtag; do not overtly spam it. For example, when having a twitter conversation that requires several tweets, do not go crazy and use it in every single one; still never lose an occasion to do it, whenever possible, browse the tag itself, tweetdeck, or private lists allow for very easy looks at it. Create if necessary a secondary account that you can shill in 8chan, other GG forums, to RT, and like anything you believe is worth spreading. [4]

Visit Your Neighbours

This might be boring to do, since reddit is where the heart of the action lies. Much more prone to drama than 8chan, it can be brought back to action and thoughtfulness if helped correctly. The same can be said of Voat (although the main GG hub is trampled by goons) or even twitter.

Tips: Make friends and remain friendly; do not associate with obvious shills and invite others to do the same; make an unique account on each forum instead of several, for replying to yourself would discredit every single one of your posts; do not hesitate to "gift" things, like upvotes, likes, or whatever else, as little that might sound, to posts you find sensible, motivational, helpful, eloquent, and well-informed. Do not forget to visit other places that are not dedicated to GG and calmly and without sperging out about it, mention its values, or goals, and invite newcomers to seek information right. [5]


Gamergate and NotYourShield need help and that means that they need everyone.

Tips: Remind people that they are both welcome and important; tell anyone losing courage that it is fine to take a rest, but that you are hoping they will come back with a new energy. Always see the positive outcomes of all situations; have fun, and be fun to have around yourself. If needed, keep old victories, be willing to apologize, or be self-critical. Remember wise words, like "trust but verify," and other clever idioms. Don't hesitate to teach their values. [6]

Spread These

These are a few of the info graphs, more can be found in the 8chan thread about OPRepopulate: https://8ch.net/gamergatehq/res/323816.html. [7]









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