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Operation: Rebuild
Type: Helping and growing sites.
Status: Ongoing

[1] [2]


To find and support neutral and good ethical sites, even using them for gaming news.


While boycotting sites that are unethical (i.e. Joystiq, Polygon) is important and necessary, gamers need to replace them with ethical alternatives. Since many of the sites were created because of Gamergate, they need to be grown and helped.


Share articles from ethical, alternatives from Kotaku In Action's support list on Voat and Reddit is a start.[3]

Convince people to not just follow the alternative gaming sites, get them to follow said sites' Steam curators/ groups.[4]


OPRebuild TweetDeck Tutorial for Dummies[5]

Link: http://archive.is/ujLnj

The Gamergate Support List

Link: https://archive.is/Ra8zo


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