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Type: Mass archive
Owner: Andrew Swallow
Status: Starting up


OPGoldernLasso aims to show that many members of the Main Stream Media (MSM) and its journalists are involved in widespread lying.

Over generations newspapers, television stations, radio stations (and websites) have gained a well deserved reputation for truth and integrity by honest reporting of events and rigorous fact checking. Some of these organisations appear to have been hijacked by people who are now using them for propaganda. The out of date reputation is being misused to hide the deliberate lies by making readers assume that the untruths were accidents or caused by incomplete information. Simultaneous reporting of the same lie is a sign that the official narrative was organised.

For a conspiracy on this scale the reporters would have to be working with sub-editors, editors, managers and company directors possibly obeying the instructions of the proprietor(s).


Archive stories in the MSM to www.archive.is that you suspect are untrue. Also archive information that allows the truth to be determined. Information may still becoming available many weeks later.

The archive will need indexing by subject of story, media outlet and author.

Share the hashtag #OpGoldenLasso on Twitter, Tumblr, and the like.


The fictional character Wonder Woman has a golden lasso she uses to get people to tell the truth.

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