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This operation is based on Operation Disrespectful Nod, the goal is to throw the biggest monkey wrench ever into CBS's operations, this is basically an e-mail campaign to raise concerns. [1] [2]

Plan of Action

Since there's a lot of time, this is used for brainstorming and planning tactics and strategies.

1. Talent Recruitment

If any of the Canadian gators know of any and/or happen to be individuals who know how to parsing large amounts of information - Examples, like lawyers and media analysts. - That are willing to lend them their expertise, it'll be easier to assemble a case against the CBC. Even to the point of submitting a study or detailed analysis to discredit the news network.

2. Collecting Evidence

LunarArchivist managed to collect some of CBC's news segments to make a fairly comprehensive list, whether CBC is gamedropping or making a a passing mention occurred. This is only a tiny list, so he needs help with finding more evidence and digging.

3. Database Creation

It's basically a wiki of sorts, given the abundant hit pieces that the CBC's done on Gamergate/NotYourShield, which may consist of an hour or two's worth of information, since there's a lot of audio and videos to sift through currently, just to find the much needed quotes and information. The goal of part three is to transcribe the various segments, even translating them, like with Radio-Canada's case. Even adding this information to this particular wiki.

4. Raising Awareness

Since CBC's employees and whatnot have Tumblrinas in high key positions at the CBC, remember Gamergate isn't not just the only entity that this news channel has slandered, libeled, deplatform, smeared, or misrepresented over the years.

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