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OP: ESRBusted
Owner: President Elect
Status: Starting

The ESRB has been in the center of the censorship in video games in recent years. Everyone game company scrambles for a T Rating, yet getting one that's inconsistent. Not to mention the ESRB is charging an arm and leg for it. Most stores refuse to sell anything without an ESRB rating, but small indies get away with it. If the ESRB got bigger, it could become mandatory (As in, all video gaming media must have an ESRB rating - No matter how small the studio). The ESRB is almost there already, but after a few generations, you could have the ESRB refusing to classify some titles for being crass and inappropriate for all. And who should decide what is inappropriate for all in the future? [1]


Either we drag the ESRB's reputation through the mud (That's too expensive, doesn't do it's job properly, is an outdated as a guide to parents and consumers, or they (The ESRB) change their ways and/or costs.

Big companies would want the ESRB cheaper (But probably want to keep it around so Mature label can be used in advertising), smaller companies would want the ESRB cheaper, and the (good) consumers would want the ESRB to have less power. Those who want to use the ESRB as a deterrent for "problematic" games get shafted when it loses it's teeth and bad parents have to admit they never did the research in an age of youtube instead of blaming developers.


Basic spreading and digging.

No major/ decent developer is going to reject the ESRB, until it's reputation is reduced and any backlash is minimal. So, under a new Twitter/Tumblr hashtag (ESRBusted), we showcase the worst of the ESRB.

  • Expense.
  • Anti-Developer practices.
  • Inconsistent Ratings (As well as possible signs of bias - Against Japanese games or "problematic" themes, etc).
  • Infographs and digging into the above for more information and ammo.

Like (But snappier and more focused): https://archive.is/R7jYJ https://archive.is/XWN6b

Follow the whole chain by Honkimus Maximus - Download the images. Repost and reblog if you have the free time to do it.

Reminder This is NOT to shift the blame of censorship from developers or producers. - Most of them wanted the lesser rating for a wider audience and more money. It's recommended that you don't make it sound like it's entirely the ESRB's fault (disinformation, even in our favor, can only end badly), but as an individual, you can decide how to present this information to some groups (i.e. Getting Capcom's fans thinking they're crusading for Capcom when the ESRB "made" them censor SV5). Do it your own way, but never lie.

Extra Notes


  • Topic Dilution via Blame Game.

ESRB claims the figures are false. Major companies claims they are vague. ESRB claims the developers chose to censor before speaking to them, etc. The whole things moves away from "Are the ESRB doing bad work?" and "Is the fault of bad ratings due to developers or the ESRB?" - And that's an argument they can orchestrate until everyone gets bored and goes home (Likewise, blood in the water and someone big covering up keeps them interested).

To counter this - Stay on the message. Don't change it. Don't even argue with other people (Tell them that they're wrong once, then leave - otherwise the argument becomes the focus. "What is the real #ESRBusted?")

  • Hijacking Goals via Removing Lesser Evil for Greater Evil.

The ESRB changes it's polices (Or is replaced by a similar body) that's much stricter - But Puritan or slanted politically to the far Left. SJWs can hijack this and instead of making ratings about inconsistency, it'll be focused on how "problematic" content does not get a higher rating or banned. Not to mention a stricter ESRB helps Western developers, as it will shut down efforts to localize Japanese video games that is not kid stuff, so the Western market only has access to Western games.

This is harder to counter. Setting out goals can be abused as we all know (example, following out the goal in writing but not in spirit). So keep complaining and if the method to address the concerns is a bigger mess, raise MORE hell. the MO is the same as everyone else Gamergate has fought: Denial, Mud-Slinging, Appeasement, and Fear. The ESRB has the advantage of being a "white noise" organization - Necessary but never questioned as thoroughly as they should. As a result, this should freak them out, and could get some interesting reactions.

  • Is Ratings Still Needed?

Argue a case where people ask if the ESRB is still needed anymore in the era of the internet, where consumers can look up gameplay footage to make the call themselves or the ESRB's mission on trying to keep the children away from what the ESRB considers inappropriate a failure when Mature rated big franchises, such as Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto have children playing them. Also argue or point out that even parents know how to look up videos online.


  • Other countries versions of the ESRB being put through similar scrutiny.
  • Get the consumer to talk more about them being the ones, who decide what is appropriate for sale (via their wallets) and expanding this analogy to other forms of media.
  • A stronger demand against bad localization.
  • Pushing for changes to laws (or even just re-iteration) that a game does not require a rating to be sold. Online stores start to stock games without a rating, but use their own in-house rating for customers (Someone looks up gameplay and makes a judgement call).

Gallery/ Infographs




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  1. OP: ESRBusted (8chan) - [1]