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['''This article is a stub:'''<br />
#redirect [[Neet life]]
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[[[[File:/images/a/af/Neet_Life.png|250x250px|Neet Life.png]]]]
Aliases Sockarina, Socks, Rinaxas<br />
Occupation YouTube producer<br />
Affiliations<br />
'''Neet life''' or '''Socks''', is a YouTube producer who produces news updates on [[GamerGate]] and rants, usually on a daily basis. Neet life provides a slightly biased, but excellent insight into journalism ethics, current events regarding GamerGate and [[Zoe Quinn Scandal|Quinnspiracy]] and many other rants. Her YouTube channel can be found at '''[https://youtube.com/sockarina sockarina]'''.
== Private life ==
Not much is known about Sock's private life, but in a video<sup>[[#cite_note-1|[1]]]</sup> she states that she is a Writer.
== See more ==
* [[The Internet Aristocrat]]
* [[The David Pakman Show]]
== References ==
<li><div id="cite_note-1">
[[#cite_ref-1|↑]] [http://youtu.be/kUiUc1ZtDdo?t=48s #Gamergate happenings recap with socks 10/10- Youtube]</li></ol>
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