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Corporate media promotion of Antifa: [1]

  • Chuck Todd - NBC News political director - He allowed Antifa propagandist and lecturer Mark Bray to lie about the organization's roots and romanticize their violence.[2] Three days later (August 20, 2017), Chuck Todd invited Bray onto the set of Meet The Press to debate the merits of politically motivated violence against anyone the group claimed was a "Nazi". [3] In that instance, the Southern Poverty Law Center (a group that has spurred politically motivated violence, including a shooting, against right-wing organizations) was somehow the voice of reason against Antifa. Chuck Todd has never apologized for inviting Bray onto his programs, or denounced Antifa's tactics.
  • NBC News Sunday TODAY show - On the anniversary of the deadly Charlottesville protests NBC News reporter Cal Perry and his crew were physically assaulted by Antifa while covering new protests in Charlottesville. When reporting on the protests the next morning on Sunday TODAY, NBC News completely ignored the attacks on Perry and actually claimed the media were "heckled". [4]
  • Chris Cuomo of CNN - Just a couple days after the NBC crew was viciously attacked, Chris Cuomo argued that Antifa had a superior "morality" in their side. [5]
  • Don Lemon of CNN - By the end of the month, Cuomo fellow CNN host and close friend, Don Lemon was also rationalizing Antifa's violence. He would go a step further and claim that President Trump's denouncement of the group was somehow racist. [6]
  • W. Kamau Bell of CNN - In one of their United Shades of America episodes, host W. Kamau Bell sat down with a member of Antifa and joked about their violence. He allowed his guess to suggest that if you thought "people deserve love", then you're with Antifa. Bell claimed Antifa “doesn’t” fall on the typical left-right spectrum, though the member admitted she believed in “anarcho-communism.” Communism, an ideology that had left over 100 million people dead in the last century alone. [7]
  • Sara Ganim and Chris Welch of CNN - In a article published in August of last year, reporters Sara Ganim and Chris Welch authored a piece with the headline: "Unmasking the leftist Antifa movement: Activists seek peace through violence”. It was later renamed to just "Unmasking the leftist Antifa movement". "Antifa activists, who operate without any centralized leadership, told CNN that their goal is peace and inclusivity," they wrote. [8]


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