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[[Maya Kramer.jpeg]]

Aliases @Legobutts
Occupation PR consulting
Affiliations Silverstring Media

Maya Felix Kramer provides public relations and promotion services for independent video game developers.[1]

Silverstring Media

Maya Kramer works for Silverstring Media, which is advised by Anita Sarkeesian.[2]


In an APGNation interview, Matthew Rappard of The Fine Young Capitalists alleges that Maya Kramer in cordination with Zoe Quinn performed a DDoS attack on The Fine Young Capitalists website.[3] Maya and Quinn both confirm that they are responsible for the downtime the website recieved during this time,[4][5]

Zoe Quinn Stated on February 28, 2014:

@legobutts oops we DDOS'ed something on accident

Additionally Quinn said a few minutes later

I like how a conversation between me and @legobutts resulted in accidentally killing an exploitative startup's website

Maya Kramer replied on March 1, 2014

@ZoeQuinnzel we exploded their site

omg us

Eron Gjoni accusations

Regarding the Independent Games Festival, Eron Gjoni alleged:[1]

Zoe told me that Maya was sleeping with the guy who runs it and all the people who won were people maya was very close with

Gjoni claimed that Kramer was one of the people who Zoe Quinn cheated on him with.[1]


Maya Kramer has a Patreon page where she lists developers with whom she wants to do interviews in order to "have them impart their wisdom on the subject of PR and promotions."[6] One of the devs listed is Zoe Quinn, which has caused many people to suspect that Kramer has worked professionally for Quinn as a PR agent, however there is currently no evidence of this, and Quinn has denied any professional ties to Maya several times.


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