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KingOfPol is one of the Twitter users that discusses Gamergate[1]

Role in Gamergate

It was discovered when 4chan was deleting the Gamergate threads, one of the admins wrote that the consumer revolt falls under their precarious "raiding/doxxing" rule.[2]

On, November 4, 2014, KingOfPol announces his retirement of covering the consumer revolt. Ever since GG started, he has a lot of questions, made a lot of friends and enemies, and his experiences with Gamergate has been ups and downs. The reason is because of his health, overstressed, and the harassment from both sides are why KingOfPol is taking a break from the movement. But he encourages Gamergate to continue the e-mails and good luck.[3]

On November 6, KingOfPolt posted an IRC log, which dates back to October 6, calling for the Gamergators to oppose Operation Vox Populi, which was proposed by Slade Villena.


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