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Kenetsu-o [1] (aka "Kene") is GamerGhazi's mascot and Lillian Woods's pet.

Origins and Appearance

Kenetsu-o was created when redditor, SandFlapJack, reached out to the GamerGhazi's moderation team to come up with an idea for a mascot, mrplinkett drew it [2]. The results is a skele-zelle (skeleton and gazelle), which is suppose to be based on a Japanese mascot, with the design modeled to be able to fit a person in him. Kenetsu-o's name is Japanese for censorship (ken'etsu) and King (suffix-o). SandFlapjack consulted a friend, who speaks Japanese to come up with the name. [3]


Kenetsu-o, the skele-zelle, is very bubbly and loves to make friends. His goal main goal is to end free speech ('Cause he's the King of censorship), and other atrocities, like "Be nice to people." He loves to eat oysters, melons, and popcorn; his favorite video games are Dr. Mario and Trivia Crack.


Kenetsu-o was found on a flag to represent GamerGhazi [4].

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