Kay McSpadden

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Kay McSpadden
Occupation: Journalist
Affiliations: Special to The Charlotte Observer

Kay McSpadden is an award winning [1] teacher in an underfunded high school, as well as a contributing special opinion columnist for The Charlotte Observer, and a fiction writer. She is also a self described Star Trek fan. [2]

Gamer Gate Article

As an opinion columnist for The Charlotte Observer, McSpadden, wrote an op-ed article about the 2016 U.S. elections. [3] It should be noted that opinion columnists are not typically held to the high review standards of investigative journalists.[cn] However, in the article "Men are shocked – just shocked! – by sexism in this election" unsourced and often disputed claims[cn] about Anita Sarkeesian were made.

Sarkeesian has demonstrated a general unwillingness to engage in a dialogue made clear by her reluctance to accept interview requests,[cn] and her willingness to block people on Twitter for seemingly innocuous reasons.[cn] It should further more be noted that YouTube videos featuring her often have been known to have comments disabled,[cn] though this may not have been her decision to make.[cn] This leaves Kay McSpadden's article in contention.

This article was also featured on the sub-Reddit Kotaku in Action [4] It received 162 up-votes at the time of this writing.


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