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[[Jonathan McIntosh]]
[[Jonathan McIntosh]]
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[[Feminist Frequency]]

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Aliases @Quinnae_Moon
Occupation Employed by Feminist Frequency
Affiliations DiGRA , Feminist Frequency

Katherine Cross is currently a PhD Candidate at the CUNY Graduate Centre’s Sociology programme, which is located in New York City.[1] She has written articles for Women’s Studies Quarterly, The Occupied Times of London, Bitch Magazine, AutoStraddle, Feministing,[2] Kotaku,[3] RH Reality Check [4] and Polygon.[5] She has also spoken at the DiGRA conference of 2013[6] in Atlanta and is currently working for Anita Sarkeesian as the Secretary of Feminist Frequency.[7][8]

Appearance on The Colbert Show

On October 30, a tweet was published on the official Twitter account of Feminist Frequency, which included a photo of Anita Sarkeesian and Steven Colbert.[9] In the back of the photo, the reflection of a woman is seen in a mirror. When publicly available pictures [10] and a video [11] of Katherine Cross and the woman in the background were compared, it was concluded that these women were the same person.

Conflicts of interest

In the tax reports of Feminist Frequency in 2013, Katherine Cross was listed as the Secretary of Feminist Frequency.[12][13] Between April 2014 and December 2014, Katherine Cross published a total of four opiniated articles which covered Anita Sarkeesian and/or Feminist Frequency. She has failed to disclose this in all four articles,[14][15][16][17] thus resulting in a clear conflict of interest.

SilverString Media

Despite being the Secretary of Feminist Frequency, Katherine Cross has claimed to not have had any knowledge of SilverString Media until GamerGate happened.[18][19]

See Also

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