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Katherine Clark is a Massachusetts Democrat Representative, who Brianna Wu met with according to Boston's "Game of Fear" article. [2] [3]

Role in Gamergate

Rep. Katherine Clark identifies as a social justice warrior, since it sounds great to her and she considers her heroes to be warriors for social justice. (i.e. Eleanor Roosevelt, Dolores Huerta, John Lewis, and the like). [4]

Katherine Clark is not happy about how the FBI and the Department of Justice have not taken the suppose online threats against women, particularly the ones that have came from Gamergate. She urged the DOJ to actually prosecute those threats. [5] According to the Atlantic, the Massachuttes congresswoman stated that what Brianna Wu was going through when Gamergate started, dealing with the "threats," and that should not be accepted part of women using technology. Even writing to the FBI to intervene in Gamergate during it's early days.


When Apple's controversial yet highly popular game, Stolen (Now rename as Famous) was rising. Massachusetts congresswoman, Katerine Clark, wrote letters to Apple asking them to pull Stolen from it's app store. [6] [7]

, the app Stolen was rebanded as Famous, with Zoe Quinn as the company's paid consultant.

On Behalf of Women and Girls

During October 27, 2015, Katherine Clark wrote to Hugh Forrest, the Director of the SXSW Interactive Festival, asking him to reconsider his decision of canceling a panel addressing online harassment and threats. [8] [9] Later, Clark, other activists, and corporate sponsors, SXSW reinstated the cancelled panel as part of the Online Harassment Summit, at Austin, Texas. [10]

Internet Must Be Safe for Women

Congresswoman Katherine Clark keeps on pushing and justifying internet censorship bills, for example the Cybercrime Enforcement Training Assistance Act, which would give $20 million annual federal grant for both the state and local law enforcement agencies to train police officers, prosecutors, and emergency dispatchers in identifying and prosecuting cybercrimes. The funds would even be used to help in extradition of cybercriminals between states. [11]



An accidental typo by a Gamepolitics staff member, resulted in the meme known as "Online Horsemint." [12][13]

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