Jonathan R. Tynes

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Jonathan R. Tynes
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Occupation: Lawyer
Affiliations: N/A

Jonathan R. Tynes is the judge who Zoe Quinn met in court to submit an Affidavit against Eron Gjoni in September 2014. This resulted in an anti-harassment abuse-prevention gag order being filed against him.

The affidavit that Tynes accepted left out critical information, which may have been bearing false witness. Quinn neglected to mention that the one who circulated the nude pictures over the internet was herself, when she sold the rights to them to a porn site for money. She also neglected to mention that she was the one who voluntarily shared her E-mail address on the Internet.

Tynes works at the Suffolk County District Attorney's Office, in Boston, Massachusetts. He is an alumni of the Cambridge Rindge and Latin School. [1]

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