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John Walker
Aliases None
Affiliation Rock Paper Shotgun
Occupation Video Game Journalist

John Walker is one of the founders of Rock, Paper, Shotgun. [1] [2]


Role in Gamergate

In August 2014, John Walker said:

For the avoidance of doubt, anyone who posts on RPS *anything* about the private lives of *anyone* will be instantly banned. It always makes me proud when I hear "Rock, Paper, Shotgun" listed by these MRA morons as an example of the dearth of games journalism. Hypocritical foul bigots who pretend it's about "ethics"

Since it's in his belief that favorable reviews of high profile games are mostly cause by incompetence. Also, that some other writers are too cowardly or inept to write negatively about a big name game, and through the process of memesis. This fear becomes consensus. While others are dumb, likes bad games, or set their expectations too low. Lastly, John Walker has been writing about video games in the United Kingdom for fifteen years and has never heard of a case were someone on a major magazine or website getting paid to write a favorable review. [3]

Report of Death Threats

Around October 12, Walker claimed to have received abusive messages including death threats from Gamergate investigators by the thousands. [4] [5]

I have received abundant and appalling abuse from GG, that has been at times upsetting, infuriating, and frightening. I've received thousands of tweets that have been insulting, offensive, outrageously inaccurate, spiteful, cruel, or disturbing. Not one or two. Thousands. I've had boring, tiresome insults thrown at me in droves, and specifice, distressing descriptions of how people would like me to be killed...And I have repeatedly been informed of the ways in which I should commit suicide.

A critic was unable to find these tweets. [6]

While the bomb threat at the Gamergate Meetup was happening, John Walker conveniently "forgets" that his own site publishes news like that, since RPS covered the news when Anita Sarkeesian's planned talk at Utah State University got canned. [7]


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